A life dedicated to service...

incenseListen to my recordings on any device or download as mp3 files. 100% organic. No charge. Blessings.

    1. Getting started – I (9 min)
    2. Getting started – II (9 min)
    3. Mindful breathing (15 min)
    4. Counting-down breathing (9 min) inspired by Carlson & Speca, Mindfulness-based cancer recovery, 2010, ch. 6.
    5. ‘Riding the wave’ breathing (8 min) inspired by Carlson & Speca, Mindfulness-based cancer recovery, 2010, ch. 6.
    6. Focussing on the IN-breath (15 min)
    7. Focussing on the OUT-breath (20 min)
    8. Noting the three points of awareness (30 min)
    9. Sweeping on the out-breath (25 min)
    10. Scanning the hands (15 min)
    11. Labelling “thinking” and “breathing” (15 min)
    12. Working with physical discomfort (20 min)
    13. Welcome Everything! (15 min)
    14. Remembering the good within (12 min) inspired by Salzberg, Lovingkindness, 1995, p. 29.
    15. ‘Just sitting’ with opening & closing bells, minimal guidance (15 min)
    16. ‘Just sitting’, long silence with bells (20 min)

Also …

    • Om chant (15 min) to support slow and long breaths. Om is a mystical Sanskrit sound of Hindu origin, meaning “that which is sounded out loudly.”
    • To help you sleep (22 min) Yoga Nidra by Jennifer Pierce, Victoria, BC

Things People Have Said

I’m working my way through your meditations, taking time not to rush. Each one serves me for a couple of weeks and I find that I’m coming back to the two or three that suit me. Thank you, Peter, for your service.

Roberto in Space

I’m a mature student with four children living in Belfast. I did my first exam today and felt very nervous: first law, history tomorrow, and English the next day. I’ve been practicing metta (loving kindness) with your guidance. It made a huge difference today. Thank you so much for taking the time to record these.

Lara in Belfast

Thank you for this series of mediation. They are helping me achieve a regular practice, something that has eluded me over many years. Wish I was closer to be able to sit with you in person.

Joyce in Ontario