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For research on loving-kindness in peer-reviewed journals, see: IMG_0310Systematic review and meta-analysis (2014); To improve healthcare provider compassion and resilience (2014); For veterans with PTSD (2014); Helps alleviate self-criticism, increase self-compassion (2014); Influences cooperative behavior (2013); May improve longevity (2013); Increases brain’s gray-matter volume (2012); Useful for targeting interpersonal processes (2011); Changes negative symptoms of schizophrenia (2011); Builds positive emotions (2008).

The notion of happiness has deep roots in philosophies and religions. For a comprehensive overview — and to put loving-kindness practice in context — see: Hofmann, S. G. (2013). The Pursuit of Happiness and Its Relationship to the Meta‐experience of Emotions and Culture. Australian psychologist, 48(2), 94-97. Full text. If you wish to order additional copies of the CD, email Peter at onebreath -at- shaw.ca.

“This meditation brought me to tears. First, they were tears of sorrow because of many negative feelings I was holding against myself. Then, they became tears of joy as I felt love for myself. Thank you so much, this came at a crucial moment in my life.” ~Anonymous user